Integrated Color Management Solutions

Vopho is a Printer Profiler, DC Profiler, Color Measuring and Profile Editor
Revolutionary Color Measurement Technology, just use Your Digital Camera to Create Printer ICC Profile
400 Color Patches in VophoSquare, Calibrate your Digital Camera to achieve professional accurate color capture.
In just one shot, measure any object color you want.
Power ICC Profile Editing Tool.
Q Print-RGB
Solution for accurate profiling your RGB printing.
Our unique features able you to generate high accurate quality RGB ICC Profiles easily.
Q Print-CMYK
Professional solution for profiling your CMYK / Offset printing.
Q Print-CMYK allows the user to generate high quality CMYK ICC profiles for any CMYK device including printing presses, digital proofing systems and inkjet printers.
Q Print-Standard
Affordable printer profiling solution.
You can build profiles for all your RGB and CMYK printers. RGB and CMYK output devices in easy mode to make it more convenient and cost-effective.
Q Print-Pro
Solution for accurate profiling your RGB and CMYK printing.
Q Print-Pro is designed specifically for high-end user who need high quality ICC profile results in RGB and CMYK printing.
Accurate color capture for your digital camera to keep your creative flow.
Q DC allows the users to create ICC profiles for a digital camera. It is designed to help photographer achieve consistent, predictable color with any digital camera.
Q Scan
Consistent and predictable color capture.
Q Scan allows the users to create ICC scanner profiles for any drum or flatbed scanner.
A set of color integration system for you to solve color problems.
Lumi's major functions include the soft proofing system, profile modification, Fine-Tune of monitor profiles and Matching colors.
Monitor calibration make accurate soft proofing, get screen-to-print matches.
Calibrator is monitor calibration system and monitor ICC profile builder. It allow you to preview how your images will look on screen before printing. Qualux's unique Gamma Point Tracker technology make accurate monitor profile. Features include Fine-Tune profile, enhanced soft proof setting and display profile quality reporter.
Affordable advanced color management system.
MyColor is a entry-level solution that are fast, user-friendly and color accuracy. It can create ICC profiles for scanner, digital camera, monitor and printer ICC profiles.
This is a complete solution with enhanced and unique features for professional.
Complete is a set of RGB and CMYK color management integration system. Enhanced profile creation and powerful color control ensures accurate color reproduction. Unique features such as Frame-Chart technique, QES automatic editing and monitor/printer ICC profile Quality Reporter help you manage your color easily.