Product Selection - Q Print-Pro

Q Print-Pro
An Expert Professional solution for profiling your RGB and CMYK output devices.
Q Print-Pro is designed specifically for professionals that need extremely high accurate results from digital (laser, inkjet) and traditional (offset) printing systems. It provides a range of unique features and functions to support the generation of ICC profiles. Unique Automatic Strip Identification and Frame-Chart technique greatly reduce periodic measurement time and also maintain high quality profiles. High-performance gamut mapping engine: The QVVM allows fast creation of profiles. Advance and comprehensive profile setting, real Profile 4 gamut mapping engine let you to get color-managed.
Photography Studios, Professional advertising, Graphic Designer, Photo Labs, Large format printing, Print Shops, Prepress, Demand for high quality user.
Create ICC (RGB and CMYK) Profile for Printer, Automatic Strip Identification and Frame-Chart technique, In-Gamut and Out-Gamut Control, Customized Media Black Point Control, Total Ink and CMY Ink Curve Control, Black in Color, GCR and UCR.

You can easily add Qualux Lumi to edit and fine tune your profile, giving you the flexibility to meet your needs.
System Requirements
  • English / Traditional Chinese
  • Integration interface
  • List-type Targets and Profiles Management
    Printer Profile
  • Create RGB/CMYK Profile
  • One Target create multiple profiles
  • One measurement update multiple profiles
  • Frame-Chart Technique
    Printer Target
  • Automatic Strip Identification measurement
  • Target Patches:
    • RGB: 216 to 3375 patches
    • CMYK: 200 to 3479 patches
  • Custom Target Patches
  • Target Type:
    • Array, Scramble
  • Import Target Reference Data
  • Linearization
  • Measure Patches Data:
    • Replace, Average
  • Paper Size:
    • DTP-41: W10.5cm-60cm, H27cm-80cm
    • Eye-One / Spyder3Print: A4 Landscape, A3, Letter Landscape, Legal.
    Printer Profile Setting
  • High Performance Gamut-Mapping Engine: QVVM (Qualux Vertical Vision Method)
  • Create Working Space Profile.
  • ICC Profile Version:
    • Version2 / Version4
  • Create native ICC Profile Version 4
  • QES (Qualux Editor Script) edit profile automatically.
  • Look-up Table (LUT) Size:
    • Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large
  • LUT Color Relationship:
    • Accurate to Extra Smooth
  • LUT Data Encoding:
    • 8bits / 16bits
  • Gray Balance:
    • Neutral White to Paper White
    • Neutral Black to Black Ink
  • Custom Black Point
  • In-Gamut Control:
    • Brightness / Contrast
    • Saturation
    • Gamut Expand / Compression
  • Out-Gamut Control
    • Gamut Mapping: Linear, Chroma Linear, Chomra Balance and Chroma BP
    • Overall Color: Detail to Colorful
    • High-Key Color: Detail to Colorful
  • Color Separation
  • Media Preset:
    • Offset, Newspaper
    • Inkjet Light, Inkjet Heavy
    • Dye-Sub, Color Laser
  • Black Generation
    • None, Maximum
    • GCR Light, GCR Medium, GCR Heavy
    • UCR, Custom (Black ink cuve handles control)
  • Total Ink Curve Display
  • CMY Curve Display
  • Black in Color (Black width)
  • UCA Amount
  • Dark Chroma
  • Gray Balance Generation
    • Fixed, Neutralize
  • Support Measure Device:
    • XRite DTP-41
    • XRite Eye-One
    • Datacolor Spyder3Print
Q Print-RGB
Q Print-CMYK
Q Print-Standard
Q Print-Pro
Create RGB Printer ICC Profile
Create CMYK Printer ICC Profile
Support ICC Profile Version 4
Support 16 bits Profile
QES (Qualux Editor Script)
RGB Printer Target Patches
CMYK Printer Target Patches
Custom Target Patches
Frame-Chart Technique
Linearization Patches
Profile LUT Size
Extra Large
Extra Large
Extra Large
Media Gray Axis Control
In-Gamut Control
Out-Gamut Control
Customized Media Black Point
Gamut Mapping Method
High-Key Color Mapping
Preset Media Separations
Total Ink Curve Display
CMY Ink Curve Display
Total Ink Control
Black in Color
Black Ink Curve Control
Black Ink Curve Handles Control
Dark Ink Chroma
Please refer to the detailed product specifications for each product.
For the most up-to-date function, refer to the final release version.
  • Macintosh computer with a PowerPC G4, G5, or Intel processor
  • CD-ROM driver, if installing from a CD
  • 64MB of available hard disk space to install
  • 128MB of install RAM
  • Mac OS X 10.3.9 to 10.7.5
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  • Display million color
  • 2 of available USB ports